Application to Participate in 2017 Scotland Model UN Conference

Pace University’s New York City Model UN program is planning to help cover the costs of between seven and 15 students (depending on final budget approval, the number of eligible applicants and costs of flights) who wish to attend the Scotland Model United Nations (SCOTMUN) conference,  hosted by the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, 1-7 March 2017.

Pace MUN students will travel together and stay together, along with the MUN faculty advisor, Dr. Matthew Bolton. However, they may participate in their own delegations, not necessarily alongside other Pace students.

Pending final approval from the administration, Pace University will cover much of the cost of participation, including conference fees, flights and internal transportation and housing. However, participants accepted to go on the trip will need to make a contribution of around $400-500 (exact amount to be determined), plus any passport, visa, medical or vaccination costs you need to be able to travel and your own food and entertainment costs.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to go through an application process. Please fill out an application form (available here) and submit it through the Pace Education Abroad portal (click here) by 19 December 2016 at midnight at the latest (late will not be accepted). In the portal you will also be able to sign the additional release and informational forms. You should be able to log on, using your Pace username and password and will find the documents there that you will need to submit.

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Pace Model UN Program Featured in UN Secretary-General Report

ban_ki-moon_headshotPace University was featured in UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s report on “disarmament and non-proliferation education” today, which calls on “schools in all countries to inform and empower young people to become agents of peace by helping them to mobilize, act and promote the importance of disarmament and non-proliferation.”

The report states that Pace is “playing a growing role in disarmament education”, highlighting the Model UN program, its new Peace and Justice Studies major, research by Pace faculty, Disarmament Forums hosted at Pace and a UN-funded project providing training to East African officials on the Arms Trade Treaty.

“We are proud to see the UN recognize Pace for the excellent work it does in educating students in global citizenship,” said Dr. Matthew Bolton, Model UN advisor at Pace University in New York City.

Pace University’s full submission to the UN is available here.

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Model UN was the Highlight of My Undergraduate Career


Pace University New York City Model United Nations Head Delegate Jennifer Diaz ’16, representing China in a simulation of the Security Council at the 2016 Geneva International Model UN conference in Switzerland.

Coming into Pace, I never would have imagined being a Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies double major. Now, four years later, I love that I made the decision to switch my major. I participated in Model UN for four semesters and can say that it was the best decision I made at Pace. Model UN allowed me to discover what I want to do after college and opened a world of possibilities. I transitioned from a student in the class to a head delegate and I am proud to have been a leader among my fellow students; it was an amazing opportunity.

I participated at conferences in Washington DC, Oslo, and Geneva. Each experience was unique and helped me grow. Model UN helped me improve my writing, research and public speaking skills. Prior to Model UN, I had never been to Europe so I was ecstatic to learn that I would be representing South Africa in the Human Rights Council at OsloMUN in Norway. This year, I was able to represent China in the Security Council at the 2016 Geneva International Model UN conference in Switzerland. This was definitely one of the most difficult assignments I held. I learned about what it means to be one of the five Permanent Members on the Security Council and the power and responsibility that comes with it.

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Former Pace Model UNer Serves Ukraine UN Mission as a Youth Delegate

‘Youth should be more represented in the government as actors of change’

Oleh UN

Pace University Model UN alumnus Oleh Puryshev ’15, representing Ukraine at the United Nations as a Youth Delegate.

Oleh Puryshev ‘15 became interested in the United Nations system while participating in Pace University’s Model UN program at conferences in Washington DC and New York. Along with his delegation partner Annie Stishov ‘18, he won an “Outstanding Position Paper” award for their representation of Rwanda in a simulation of the UN Security Council at the 2015 National Model UN conference in New York.

Oleh’s success in Model UN was matched by his commitment to engagement with global politics in the “real world.” He was deeply involved in the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine and believed that the government needed to be more transparent and accountable to the voices of its citizens.

Oleh was appointed a Youth Delegate for Ukraine in 2015, assisting the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in attending committees and side events, writing speeches and developing policy on issues related to youth and security. The Youth Delegate program is a UN effort to encourage Member States to include young people in global policymaking processes.

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Model UN Helped Me in My Work at the Real UN


Vato Gogsadze ’16, puts the skills he learned as a Head Delegate of the Pace University New York City Model United Nations program to work in representing the Republic of Georgia at UN Headquarters in New York

As I graduate this month from Pace University and leave behind many memorable and valuable experiences, I have begun thinking about what I have learned from my five semesters in the Model United Nations program, as a student and head delegate.

When reflecting on how Model UN influenced me professionally and personally, I realized that it helped me to succeed in my internship at the Permanent Mission of Georgia to the United Nations. It is striking that what students learn in class and at the conference resembles the actual everyday work of a diplomat at the United Nations.

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Pace University Receives 11 Awards for Diplomatic Excellence at National Model United Nations in New York


Pace University New York City Model United Nations students outside UN Headquarters following the closing ceremony of the 2016 National Model UN conference in New York. Photo by: Matthew Bolton.

Pace University received 11 awards at the National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in New York City, 27-31 March, representing China, Costa Rica, Norway and Palau in simulations of global debates on peace, development, human rights and environmental issues.

In his letter to the conference, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called attention to the UN Security Council’s recent Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, which called for greater inclusion of young people in the work of building peace. “Young people have the greatest stake in the future so you must have a voice in building,” wrote Ban Ki-moon. “By taking part in this Model United Nations, you are demonstrating your commitment to peace, justice, human rights and human dignity.”

Pace University ranked 6th out of 180 universities and other educational institutions that participated in NMUN’s conference B in terms of awards received. More than 5,500 students participated in NMUN from numerous countries. Pace’s Pleasantville students were recognized with a “Distinguished Delegation” award for their representation of Norway, as well as four Outstanding Position Paper awards and two Outstanding Delegate in Committee awards. Pace’s New York City students received four Outstanding Position Paper awards.

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Signing Up for Model UN Was One of the Best Decisions I Made in College


Pace University students (left to right) Kevin Kelly ’17, Jackson Morris ’18, Colin Morse ’19 and John Smith ’17, outside United Nations Headquarters following the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 National Model UN conference in New York.

Signing up for the Model United Nations class (POL303C United Nations Workshop) and attending the 2016 National Model UN conference in New York was one of the best decisions I have made at Pace University. Model UN is about so much more than just learning rules of procedure or voting on resolutions. It has given me confidence, experience, and the crucial knowledge of how to interact, behave, and succeed in a professional environment.

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