Pace NYC Model UN Program Featured in UN Publication on Disarmament Education

Pace University’s disarmament education efforts are featured in a new collection of essays published by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA). The chapter provides an overview of the development of disarmament education at Pace University and then offers detail on two undergraduate initiatives: the Model United Nations program and a service learning class on the “Global Politics of Disarmament and Arms Control.”

“[I]n Pace University’s experience, disarmament education is most successful when it engages students directly, in ways that are relevant to their lives and the political realities around them,” writes Matthew Bolton, director of Pace University’s International Disarmament Institute, in the chapter. Model UN “is a powerful experience that many students report as life-changing, generating a long-term interest in global policy issues, including disarmament. Though few have grown up with direct exposure to political decision-making, they report feeling empowered by what they have learned.”

The new UNODA publication celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the UN Study on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Education, which was presented to the United Nations General Assembly in 2002. It contains contributions from experts from around the world, which showcase fresh perspectives, new ideas and innovations in disarmament and non-proliferation education.

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Pace Students Excel at 2017 Washington DC Model UN Conference

Pace University New York City students representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya and Namibia at the 2017 National Model UN conference in Washington DC. Photo: NMUN.

Representing Kenya, Namibia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in at the 2017 National Model United Nations conference in Washington DC (NMUN DC), 26 Pace University New York City students received a Distinguished Delegation and Honorable Mention Delegation awards, as well as six Outstanding Position Paper awards for their written work.

“At Model United Nations, you broaden your horizons,” wrote UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in a letter to the conference. “By learning and networking, you can be part of the efforts of the United Nations to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people to live in dignity.”

Pace students’ eight awards placed them joint 4th out of 67 participating universities and higher education institutions from around the country and the world, in terms of total awards received.

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Apply to Participate in Pace Delegation to Geneva International Model UN Conference

Pace University’s New York City Model UN program is planning to help cover the costs of between seven and fifteen students (depending on final budget approval, the number of eligible applicants and costs of flights) who wish to attend the Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) conference, hosted at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, 24-29 March 2018 (travel may occur on days either side of these conference dates).

Pace MUN students will travel together and stay together with the MUN faculty advisor, Dr. Matthew Bolton. However, they may participate in their own delegations, not necessarily alongside other Pace students.

Pending final approval from the administration, Pace University will cover much of the cost of participation, including conference fees, flights and internal transportation and housing. However, participants accepted to go on the trip will need to make a contribution of $500, plus any passport, visa, medical or vaccination costs you need to be able to travel and your own food and entertainment costs. The payment deadline is March 1st, 2018. The Study Abroad Office will contact accepted students with information on how to make the payment.

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Head Delegate Selection Fall 2017

There is an opening for the position of head delegate for the Pace University New York City Model United Nations program, starting in Spring 2018 semester. For more information, please download this information packet and application.

Both current and past Model UN students are welcome to apply if they meet the eligibility requirements listed in the information packet. If you wish to apply, you must turn in your application form by midnight Monday 27 November 2017 by email to

The candidates who are eligible to run will then give speeches and answer questions from the Model UN participants during the class session (6.10-9.00pm) on Monday 4 December 2017, when we will also hold our ballot. The top candidates in the election will then be interviewed.

If you have further questions about this process please contact Dr. Matthew Bolton, faculty adviser,, 212 346 1828

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Learning about Myself and Others

Participating in the 2017 National Model UN conference was a great opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and worldviews. Model UN is a simulation that tests your ability to communicate, negotiate, and to set your role as an individual in a group. It allowed me to be a part of a large group setting with conflicting views, and taught me not only to overcome conflicts through alliance and negotiation – but also to make sure that those who are underrepresented as a result of the group’s power dynamic become equally represented. In less than a week, I discovered new things about myself and my preferred career path.

The foremost thing I gained from my experience representing Iraq in the simulation at the UN was renewing my interest in taking new challenges. These included challenges to work with people I had never met before, challenges to step up and question the group’s power dynamic, and challenges to be open to change, compromise and diplomacy.

— Alanoud Alammar ’18

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The Class That Defined my Undergrad Experience

Pace University New York City students visit Edinburgh Castle during the 2017 Scotland Model UN conference. The blog post’s author, Jason Vargas ’17, is on the right, back row.

As I graduate this spring, I am looking back at my years here at Pace University in New York City. The one class that I can say that truly had an impact on my life and future endeavors is Model United Nations (POL303A and POL303C). Beginning my undergraduate studies in Fall 2013 I had absolutely no idea how much I would grow as a student and how this class would be responsible for much of that. I came into Pace with another major but after just one semester of Model UN I quickly found out what my real passion was. I changed my major to Political Science to better fit what I want to study and do in my life. Switching my major and focusing on international relations was honestly the best decision I have ever made in my life.

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Model United Nations Class Is a Blast! Advice for Prospective Model UNers

Pace University students Malissa Kelly ’19, Emili Kalashnikova ’20, Curtis Robinson ’19, Edward Thiede ’20 and Maria Parubi ’19 (left to right) at United Nations Headquarters for the 2017 National Model UN conference in New York City.

Model United Nations class was a blast! I am that student who wants to understand the fathoms of Political Science as deep as possible,. This class not only taught me what it is like to think like a diplomat who wants to express voices of those who do not have the voice, but also how to choose the right information and be able to negotiate ideas if others in the group do not think that it is relevant or will help the cause.

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