I Was Inspired by Learning that Small Countries Can Make a Big Difference

When we all were little, we were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At the age of 7, I wanted to be a teacher and a ‘mommy.’ Now, as a sophomore Model United Nations student at Pace University, I can see myself doing much more than what ‘little’ Lorraine wanted to be.

During the 2016 National Model UN conference in New York – from waking up in the early mornings getting dressed in my finest business wear to working endlessly with other Model U.N. delegates in drafting working papers that became resolutions – I was able to envision a possible reality for future ‘big’ Lorraine.

I have always seen myself making a difference in this world by bring awareness to the problems we face in the world. However, my focus has always been set on the bringing awareness and change to the little problems facing my individual life. But when representing a ‘little’ country surrounded by bigger and more influential countries at the Model UN conference, I was still able to work and get resolutions passed that not only helped my delegation country, but the entire world. From this experience, I now aim to make a difference on the bigger problems facing the entire world for a better future, not just everyday ‘little problems.’

–Lorraine Bishop ’20.


About Matthew Bolton

I am assistant professor of Political Science at Pace University and author of Foreign Aid and Landmine Clearance.
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