Model UN Is Unlike Any Other Class

Carissa Veltri ’20 (right) with Vanessa Ramirez ’20, representing the Republic of the Marshall Islands in a simulation of the UN General Assembly First Committee at the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York City.

Model United Nations is definitely unlike any other class offered at Pace University. It can be overwhelming at first but you get used to everything that goes on after the first day or so.

The big committees at the 2018 National Model UN (NMUN) conference in New York City can be a bit shocking at first because of how many people are in them. When you realize exactly how many eyes will be staring at you when you get up to make your speech can definitely be  scary, but once the speech is over you feel pretty accomplished.

When the whole conference is over and resolutions have been adopted, there is definitely a sense of achievement when everything is over. All in all, the Model United Nations class is a great program and an excellent experience.

— Carissa Veltri ’20



About Matthew Bolton

I am assistant professor of Political Science at Pace University and author of Foreign Aid and Landmine Clearance.
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