Application to Participate in 2019 International Model UN Conference

Pace University’s New York City Model UN program is planning to help cover the costs of between eight and 12 students (depending on final budget approval, the number of eligible applicants and costs of flights) who wish to represent Pace at an international Model United Nations conference in the Spring 2019 semester. The conference (pending finalization of budgetary and logistical details) is likely to be MUN Rome hosted by Consules (a consortium of Italian universities), held 11-14 March (with possible days of travel on either side of those dates).

Pace MUN students will travel together and stay together, accompanied by the MUN faculty advisor, Dr. Matthew Bolton. However, they may participate in their own delegations, not necessarily alongside other Pace students.

Pending final approval from the administration, Pace University will cover much of the cost of participation, including conference fees, flights and internal transportation and housing. However, participants accepted to go on the trip will need to make a contribution of around $400-500 (exact amount to be determined), plus any passport, visa, medical or vaccination costs you need to be able to travel and your own food and entertainment costs.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to go through an application process and meet the eligibility requirements. Please submit your application (available here) via email to by Friday, 14 December 2018 at midnight at the latest (late, email or paper submissions will not be accepted).



About Matthew Bolton

I am assistant professor of Political Science at Pace University and author of Foreign Aid and Landmine Clearance.
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