Head Delegates

In addition to the faculty adviser, Dr. Matthew Bolton, the Pace NYC Model UN program is co-facilitated by Head Delegates. Our Head Delegates for the 2015/2016 academic year are:

Lindita Head Delegate

Lindita Capric at the 2013 National Model UN conference in Washington DC.

Lindita Capric — “I am a junior Political Science major and minor in Peace and Justice Studies at Pace University. This will be my fifth semester with the Pace Model UN team and I am extremely excited to embark onto my second year as a Head Delegate. I truly believe that the Model UN class is a unique experience due to the fact that it combines international politics, public speaking and persuasive writing into one class. These techniques help students refine their communication skills and express their beliefs and opinions in a confident and diplomatic manner. I can’t wait to assist students in their process of creating comprehensive and feasible resolutions that could bring about positive change.”

Jennifer Diaz

Jennifer Diaz

Jennifer Diaz — “I am a senior Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies double major with a minor in Psychology. This is my third semester participating in Model UN and I thrilled about it because it is my first time as a Head Delegate. Model UN is such a rewarding class and has been the highlight of my time here at Pace. Model UN sharpens research skills, public speaking and writing skills. It immerses you into the work that is being done at the United Nations through a simulation. I am excited to help students through this challenging course and make it an enjoyable experience.”

Vato Gogsadze at UN Headquarters in New York

Vato Gogsadze at UN Headquarters in New York

Vakhtang “Vato” Gogsadze — “I am a senior Political Science and Economics major at Pace University. I work at the Consulate General of Georgia in New York and have interned at the Permanent Mission of Georgia to the United Nations for little over a year. I have taken Model UN three times, going to conferences in New York, Washington D.C., and Oslo. I believe that Model UN offers students a unique opportunity to improve public speaking, research, and writing skills while expanding the knowledge of pressing global issues. Model UN is a great experience for all students who wishes to deepen their understanding of the United Nations.”

Priya Head Delegate

Priya Sakaria (center) at the 2015 National Model UN conference in Washington DC.

Priya Sakaria — “I am a junior and a double major in Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies. This is my first year being a head delegate and it’s been truly exciting taking on this challenge. Model UN has already offered me so much and I’m eager to see where it will take me next. Model UN has not only helped me develop skills that are valuable in the international realm (such as diplomacy, decorum, and debating), but has also helped me develop skills that go far beyond the classroom. It’s a one of a kind class because of its setup, but also because of the qualities it brings out and the knowledge it instills in students. I’m looking forward to supporting students in their process to understand more about international politics while continuing to expand my own knowledge about them as well.”


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