I Was Excited to Share Our Weeks of Research

Aya Taqi ’22 (left) and Sarah Khanfar ’21, representing Papua New Guinea at the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York.

I’ll never forget the rush of emotions that were going through me as I was next in the speaker’s list. I was nervous, because I’m naturally a shy person who avoids public speaking at all costs. But I was also excited.

I was excited to share the weeks of research my delegation partner, Sarah, and I have conducted on Papua New Guinea with the rest of the committee, a simulation of the UN General Assembly at the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York City. After my speech I welcomed the relief, but that’s only because I worked hard to put my fear of public speaking behind me.

This interchange between hard work and relief is how I’d describe my Model UN experience. During the conference, you’re constantly put in situations of high pressure. You have to work with people who are not willing to cooperate regardless of a deadline. You have to persuade delegations to be a part of your working group. This can be tough when you’re representing a small country.

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Jet-Lagged and Motivated, Jolted with a New Drive

Seneca Forch ’20, representing Slovenia in a simulation of the Human Rights Council at the UN’s Palais des Nations, during the 2018 Geneva International Model UN conference.

Our assignment at the 2018 Geneva International Model UN conference was bigger than what we could have ever comprehended. We embarked on a flight with the intention of being diplomats for our respective countries. We went to enjoy the experience of being out of our own country. In a nutshell, this is our story: yes, we represented different countries in various committees. In my case, I represented Slovenia in a simulation of the Human Rights Council. Yes, we had loads of fun and made friends along the way.

But in interacting with people from around the world, we collectively left an impact as representatives from Pace University, from New York City and from America. Together, we went in with an assignment, and despite ups and downs, left Geneva with a greater mission completed. The experience as a whole jolted a new drive and perspective in my aspirations to pursue law and diplomacy. I caught a glimpse of a bigger picture, and returned to the US both jet-lagged and motivated.

— Seneca Forch ’20

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We Can Create Meaningful Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems

Katherine Ketterer ’21 (left) and Nicolas Iniguez ’20, representing the Republic of the Marshall Islands at the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York City.

Participating in a Model UN conference for the second time was just as, if not more exciting than the first time around. Getting the opportunity to sit inside the United Nations Headquarters during the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York City was probably the most inspiring part of the entire conference. It emphasized the importance of collaboration for all of us who were attending.

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Model UN Exceeded My Expectations

Natalia Villareal (front row, fourth from left, holding certificate), along with other Pace University NYC students at the 2018 National Model UN conference in New York City.

The first few weeks of Model UN class, I felt like I was missing something that everyone else understood. I was writing a position paper, but I didn’t know why. As a delegate for Papua New Guinea, I was researching migration in Libya, but I couldn’t find any connections. I would turn to the background guide, but I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for, and with such a plethora of information, I had no idea what was actually important.

But it all became clear once we started the simulations. Mock sessions on Fridays Friday classes were really helpful for that. As time progressed, things became less ambiguous, more simple, and the workload less. The Head Delegates, my MUNtor, and everyone else in the class, was beyond helpful and willing to answer any and every question I had, no matter how small. They were an enormous help throughout the whole semester and the conference too.

The 2018 National Model UN conference in New York was not at all how I expected it to be — it exceeded my expectations. I met all sorts of interesting people, who spoke a myriad of languages, and were from all over the world. It was draining at times, stressful, intimidating at first, and too, too early, but never disappointing.

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Learning to be an Ambassador

Mary-Lynn Hearn ’19, Pace University NYC Model UN Head Delegate, representing China at the 2018 Geneva International Model UN conference in Switzerland.

This spring semester I traveled to Switzerland with the Pace Model United Nations NYC team to attend the 2018 Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) conference. It was very different from any other Model UN conference I had attended before.

GIMUN took place in the United Nations Office in Geneva, which was one of the greatest experiences in my college career. Being able to spend the week in the UN with my own badge was something that I will always remember and cherish forever.

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Head Delegate Selection Spring 2018

There are openings for the position of head delegate for the Pace University New York City Model United Nations program, starting in Fall 2018 semester. For more information, please download this information packet and application.

Both current and past Model UN students are welcome to apply if they meet the eligibility requirements listed in the information packet. If you wish to apply, you must turn in your application form by midnight Friday 20 April 2018 by email to mbolton@pace.edu

The candidates who are eligible to run will then give speeches and answer questions from the Model UN participants during the class session (1.20-4.20) on Monday 23 April 2018, when we will also hold our ballot. The top candidates in the election will then be interviewed.

If you have further questions about this process please contact Dr. Matthew Bolton, faculty adviser, mbolton@pace.edu, 212 346 1828.

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Pace NYC Model UN Program Featured in UN Publication on Disarmament Education

Pace University’s disarmament education efforts are featured in a new collection of essays published by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA). The chapter provides an overview of the development of disarmament education at Pace University and then offers detail on two undergraduate initiatives: the Model United Nations program and a service learning class on the “Global Politics of Disarmament and Arms Control.”

“[I]n Pace University’s experience, disarmament education is most successful when it engages students directly, in ways that are relevant to their lives and the political realities around them,” writes Matthew Bolton, director of Pace University’s International Disarmament Institute, in the chapter. Model UN “is a powerful experience that many students report as life-changing, generating a long-term interest in global policy issues, including disarmament. Though few have grown up with direct exposure to political decision-making, they report feeling empowered by what they have learned.”

The new UNODA publication celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the UN Study on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Education, which was presented to the United Nations General Assembly in 2002. It contains contributions from experts from around the world, which showcase fresh perspectives, new ideas and innovations in disarmament and non-proliferation education.

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